Simplify operations of IP/MPLS networks with AviatCloud Manage Advanced

AviatCloud Manage Advanced is Aviat’s next generation service management platform, designed from the ground up to minimize the total cost of ownership and maximize the intelligence and flexibility of modern complex microwave networks.

AviatCloud Manage Advanced is a key component of Aviat’s IP/MPLS solution strategy, and leverages the enormous power of Aviat’s CTR converged microwave router platform to realize significant improvements in efficiency, usability and flexibility of Operator networks. Manage Advanced provides a complete end-to-end and network centric view of IP/MPLS networks.


  • Reduce operational expenses;
  • Reduce skills required of network operators;
  • Increase network operator productivity;
  • Faster deployment of IP/MPLS services;
  • Faster time to revenue;
  • Improve network & service quality and uptime;
  • Improve capability to comply with SLA

MANAGE Advanced is a private cloud or premises-based application for service management of end-to-end IP/MPLS networks and is purpose built to simplify the complexity of IP/MPLS networks.


  • Intelligent visualization of topology of every MPLS layer
  • Innovative multi-layer root cause analysis
  • Point-and-click visual what-if analysis


  • Faster deployment of IP/MPLS services
  • Improved network & service quality and uptime

Made simple

  • Massive reduction of OpEx
  • Happier customers, faster revenue

Simplifying the complexity of IP/MPLS

Along with integrated microwave routers and expert IP/MPLS services and support, Manage Advanced is an essential part of Aviat’s solution for simplifying the complexity of IP/MPLS-based microwave networks based microwave networks.

Manage Advanced collates information from every device, then models and presents end-to-end IP/MPLS services such as TE-Links, tunnels, pseudowires, VPLS, VPWS and L3VPN. By enabling network operators to effectively plan, manage and troubleshoot IP/MPLS networks at a very high level of abstraction, the IP/MPLS Fault Module greatly reduces the skills required, increases operator productivity, improves network and service quality and uptime, ultimately enabling noticeable reduction of Opex and faster time to revenue.

Manage Advanced is a simple web-based system accessed via modern web browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. No client application installation is required, minimizing deployment and support cost. Multiple server deployment options are available. Manage Advanced can be deployed on your own servers at your own premises, or is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS).

Optimum flexibility to meet your needs

Private-cloud or premises-based deployment options
Perpetual or subscription licensing models for CAPEX / OPEX preferences

Premise-based: Customer NOC
AviatCloud MANAGE Advanced deployment options
Private Cloud based: Aviat
AviatCloud MANAGE Advanced deployment options
Accessibility Anywhere, via Operator’s firewall Anywhere, via Operator’s firewall
Client SW required None: Standard web browsers None: Standard web browsers
Pricing models Perpetual or subscription Subscription only
Server requirement Operator responsibility. Linux OS Included
Software updates & Security updates Operator responsibility Included
Disaster recovery & data backup Operator responsibility Included
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AviatCloud Manage Advanced
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