Avoid Failures:
Keep Your Microwave Network Current

Aviat is a leader in microwave technology and solutions. Our Lifecycle management package—AviatCare Lifecycle Support—enables public safety network operators to keep the microwave segment—and thus the entire network—running optimally.

Since Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Network Operations Centers can see but can’t manage the microwave segments, we do the monitoring and services of that portion. We offer  comprehensive support capabilities, including technical assistance, software and functional component upgrades, and onsite maintenance and repair. We ensure your network does not get outdated.

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End-to-end solution for public safety

Current Land Mobile Radio (LMR) focused lifecycle solutions do not (and cannot) cover microwave – leaving the microwave network unsupported and vulnerable to technology obsolescence and other issues resulting in poor performance and increased downtime. Aviat’s Microwave Lifecycle Support augments LMR lifecycle solutions for a full end-to-end network solution. With this service, operators of microwave networks can ward off technical obsolescence, enjoy consistent, budgeted costs for each year of the network’s operational life.

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Why would you need lifecycle support?

Aviat’s Lifecycle Support is different than warranty and software support contracts because it is a proactive service, specifically designed to ensure your network hardware and software are always up to date. So you may need this even if you are covered under an Aviat support agreement..

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We continue to evolve our hardware and software so it continues to support your communication network. Let us take care of the management for you so you can
focus on what you do best – keeping your customers safe.

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What’s covered?

LMR networks require periodic attention to hardware and software throughout the lifecycle, and LMR providers typically offer long-term service contracts to provide those services. But many LMR providers do not cover the microwave components of their communication networks. That’s where Aviat can make a huge difference. Our AviatCare Lifecycle Support is designed to complement LMR support by providing complete coverage of the microwave system, including:

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Major and minor software upgrades
  • Upgrades of the functional components of the current platform including modem, mux and controller cards required to support software upgrades
  • Resources to implement software and/or hardware upgrades
  • NOC monitoring services
  • Annual preventive maintenance visits
  • Coverage for Aviat and OEM hardware
  • Coverage available for non-Aviat radios

As with LMR providers, our lifecycle support does not routinely cover platform upgrades, increased capacity, or passive components, such as waveguide, antennas, and power systems. However, options are available for planned and budgeted hardware upgrades for higher capacity or new features.

AviatCare Lifecycle Support Flyer: AviatCare Lifecycle Support
AviatCare Lifecycle Support gives microwave network operators the full operational confidence they require and eliminates the uncertainty of whether their network will continue supporting their needs into the future.

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