Ultra Efficient, High Capacity Space Diversity links for the toughest deployment challenges

The WTM 4500 is a new configuration option for Aviat’s market-leading WTM 4000 all-outdoor, high-capacity microwave platform. It specifically addresses applications that require ultra-reliable links over long and difficult paths, such as over flat desert terrains or over large bodies of water, where highly reflective conditions can play havoc with a microwave link, potentially causing extended outages.

The usual method to counter these adverse conditions is to deploy links with space diversity, where a second receiving antenna enables the automatic selection of the best and error-free received signal. This normally requires the deployment of a complete second radio at each end of the link, increasing costs, tower loading and installation complexity.

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WTM 4500 Highlights

  • Zero-footprint trunking solution
  • Long distance links in 6 to 11 GHz
  • Integrated space diversity receiver (TRR)
  • Up to 1.2 Gbit/s, with 4096QAM/112 MHz channel
  • Common platform with WTM 4100/4200
  • Halves the amount of equipment needed, compared to N+N SD
  • Up to 8+0 or 10 Gbit/s link capacities using 2nd generation Outdoor Branching Unit (OBU)

Complete space diversity terminal in a single radio unit

WTM 4500 makes use of the platform dual transceiver architecture to support a complete space diversity terminal in a single radio unit. This enables ultra-high capacity, space diversity links to be deployed in the toughest conditions, with up to 1.25 Gbps of capacity or more, thanks to the combination of wide 112 MHz channels, 4096QAM, and multi-layer header compression.

Did you know!

And by adding a second WTM 4500, you can easily the double capacity of your diversity link up to 2.5 Gbps.

WTM 4500 1+0 / Space Diversity

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STR 4500 Trunking Solution – up to 10 Gbps Diversity Links

Aviat was a pioneer in the new category of split-mount trunking solutions with our STR 600. This gave operators a compelling alternative and lower OPEX solution to traditional all-indoor N+1 trunking radios, which required a costly support environment of shelters and air-conditioning, with the resulting need for larger power systems, higher fuel costs for generators.

STR 4500 Trunking Solution – up to 10 Gbps Diversity Links

The next generation

STR 4500 represents the next generation of split-mount and even all-outdoor trunking applications, where up to four WTM 4500’s can be combined onto a single antenna port using an Outdoor Branching Unit (OBU), supporting up to 5 Gbps of link capacity with integrated diversity. Adding a second OBU arrangement provides the capability of up to 10 Gbps capacities, giving operators a viable choice to having to deploy fiber for long haul backbone paths, with lowest possible CAPEX and OPEX.

WTM 4500 All-outdoor ETSI Data sheet: WTM 4500 All-outdoor ETSI
The WTM 4500 microwave solution from Aviat Networks is a super-compact, high capacity radio with integrated Space Diversity capability in a single unit, enabling ultra-reliable links over the longest and toughest paths and capacities up to 1.25 Gbps in a single channel. WTM 4500 can also be combined with a compact OBU to support 10 Gbps link capacities in a zero-footprint, all-outdoor architecture, for lowest possible OPEX alternative to fiber.

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