Take your microwave path design to the next level with the newly improved Aviat Design application.
The most integrated solution for all your microwave path planning needs, Aviat Design is now more accurate, user-friendly, and is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Aviat Design is…

Fast. Complete all your link designs in just a few clicks.

Accurate. Using Aviat’s recently updated Starlink libraries and algorithms and clutter map.

Easy. All radio specs are fully integrated… no pathloss files to download. Access it anytime, anywhere.

Intuitive. Adjust parameters and generate path profiles in less time all in a user-friendly Google-maps interface.


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Start designing today – here’s how:

Login to AviatCloud*
Click Design in the left menu bar
Click Add project and start designing!
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Aviat Design – With more simplified views and streamlined calculation methods, you can design your links quicker and easier than ever before.

Benefits when compared to other path design tools

  • Access anywhere. Cloud based tool requiring no software or downloads – easy access and always have latest version.
  • Intuitive. Adjust parameters on the fly to optimize performance, generate path profiles, Google-maps interface.
  • Easy. Path calculations to be completed with a few clicks.
  • Up to date database with Aviat Networks equipment. No pathloss files to worry about.
  • Fixed or ACM calculation of links using same integrated database.
  • Template system that allows to use any radio and antenna configuration for offered protection schemes.
  • Automatic loading of environmental parameters allows quick and precise calculation.
  • More precise path profiles with clutter layer (USA)
  • Ability to overlay networks in Google Earth
  • Ability to determine if Space Diversity is needed for paths over water and smooth terrain.

Aviat Design is the next generation microwave planning tool. It uses the latest SaaS web technology to allow users to design microwave links anytime and anywhere. Aviat Design supports the full portfolio of Aviat Network’s equipment and protection configurations. Special features allow users to design microwave links accurately and quickly.

Aviat Design FCC Licenses Layers

FCC Licenses Layers

Sharing Feature

Path Profile

Automatic Antenna Centerline

Clutter map / Terrain ‘Fly-by’ (USA)

Create radio templates

Reflection analysis (used to calculate space diversity antenna spacing)

Reflection analysis (used to calculate space diversity antenna spacing)

Google Earth export

Google Earth export

  • JANUARY 2020
    • Modified GUI with following improvements:
      • Simplified project overview window. Projects can be sorted alphabetically or by completion date.
      • Coordinates for sites can now be locked in main map to prevent accidental movement.
      • Links can be sorted alphabetically or by completion date in main map design window.
      • Sites can be searched in map window.
      • Added map view to PDF network report
    • Ability to select a portion of the path profile to calculate terrain roughness for the Vigants multipath method. The tool now offers two roughness calculation methods:
      • Sea Level Reference
      • Least Mean square fit
    • Back end automation to ensure Aviat Design always uses latest radio specifications (no outdated Pathloss™ files to worry about) .
    • Updated the Vigants Multipath method and worst month to annual availability conversion.
    • Updated and reviewed ITU-P.R 530-17 multipath method.
    • Updated rain ITU rain to  ITU-R P.530-17 method.
    • Various bug fixes
  • MAY 2019 – Sharing Feature – Share your link designs and collaborate with your teammates, manager or your customers
  • Updated database with most current Aviat Networks products including:
    • WTM4100, WTM4200, and WTM4500.
    • ODU600v1 /ODU600v2 with RAC60/6X,RAC70 and RAC1X/2X.
    • IRU600v3/v4 with RAC60/6X,RAC70 , and RAC1X/2X.
    • WTM3300/WTM5800.
  • Clutter Layer (USA) using USGS National Land Cover Database (NLCD).
  • Automatic antenna center line height estimation to clear obstacles in the path profile.
  • Network export to Google Earth.
  • Reflection analysis for paths over water and smooth terrain.
  • Improved reports including a complete network report.
  • Ability to show results for “Two way” and “One way” combined multipath and rain availability.

FCC Licenses Layers feature

Design Your Mult-Band Links in AviatCloud

Sharing Feature

Introducing Aviat Design 2 0

Aviat Design New Features

Logging in/Project Creation

Radio Template Creation

Link Settings

Link Creation

Reflection Analysis

Improved Mapping

Google Earth Export

Antenna Template Creation

Automatic Antenna CL

Introducing our New FCC Licenses Layer feature in Aviat Design

Hot on the heels of the FCC’s announcement to open the 6 GHz band to unlicensed radios, we recently announced the launch of our new FCC Licenses Layer feature. Our new FCC Licenses Layer will allow users to overlay a layer with existing FCC licenses around one site within a radius. The feature will show users what spot frequencies are available in the area where they want to deploy their microwave links. Sign in or register for Aviat Design today to take the new feature for a spin. www.aviatcloud.com

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Top 10 Benefits of a One-Box Multi-Band Solution

Author: Stuart Little, Director, International Product Line Marketing

Have you heard the buzz about Multi-Band? Multi-Band combines traditional microwave channel alongside an E-Band (80 GHz) channel, joining the capacity of the latter with the high availability of the former. Multi-Band makes E-Band carrier-class over longer distances, making it a much more viable and deployable solution for 5G backhaul.

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Design Your Multi-Band Links in AviatCloud

Aviat Design, Aviat’s cloud-based link planning application, supports WTM 4800 E-Band and Multi-band designs. Aviat Design is the industry’s first and only integrated Multi-band link design solution showing a combined view of availability and capacity for the link. This enables easy, fast, intuitive E-Band and Multi-Band designs (all specs included, no pathloss files to download or update, easy cloud access). Popular design tools will require 2 separate link calculations for Multi-Band, and will not result in a combined design for the link, making it virtually impossible to understand the expected link performance or capacity or estimate the proper antenna size. Aviat Design is FREE for use at www.aviatcloud.com.

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For new entrants and smaller WISPs, cost is often the major factor in infrastructure procurement. However, many WISPs who used to be in those categories are today enjoying significant growth, prompting them to rethink infrastructure investments as part of their overall business plan.

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Introducing Aviat Design 2.0 - Aviat's FREE Link Planning Tool

By Eduardo Sanchez, Marketing Engineer Specialist, US

Aviat Design 2.0 is the next generation microwave planning tool. It uses the latest SaaS web technology to allow users to design microwave links anytime and anywhere. Aviat Design 2.0 supports the full portfolio of Aviat Networks equipment and protection configurations. Special features allow users to design microwave links accurately and quickly.

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