Course number Course name Description Online course
TRN-WW-ACI-01-01E Aviat Certified Installer Certification View Take course
TRN-WW-ACOS-01 Aviat Certified Operate Specialist Certification View Take course
TRN-WW-ANA-01 & TRN-WW-ACI-01-01E Aviat Certified Installer & Network Associate Certification Bundle View Take course
TRN-WW-ANA-01-01E Aviat Network Associate Certification Track View Take course
TRN-WW-BMT-01-01E Fundamentals of IP microwave radio communication View Take course
TRN-WW-IBP-01-01E Aviat Installation Best Practices: Procedures for Digital Microwave links View Take course
Course number Course name Description Scheduled classes
TRN-WW-CTR85X83XL2-01A & TRN-WW-PRO-01A CTR8500/8300 & ProVision View View classes
TRN-WW-ECL-01A & TRN-WW-ADVECL2-01A Eclipse & Eclipse advanced features View View classes
TRN-WW-ECL-01A & TRN-WW-PRO-01A Eclipse & ProVision View View classes
Course number Course name Description Scheduled classes
TR-WW-CTR8611-01C Aviat CTR8611 Workshop using 8611 using CLI View None
TRN-WW-ADVECL2-01A Deploying Advanced Eclipse Features Course View View classes
TRN-WW-ADVRMPLS-01 CTR Advanced Routing and MPLS Features View View classes
TRN-WW-CTR85X83XL2-01A CTR8500/8300 Installation, Operation and Maintenance (CE/Layer 2) View View classes
TRN-WW-ECL-01A Eclipse Installation, Operations & Maintenance View View classes
TRN-WW-IBP-01 Installation Best Practices View None
TRN-WW-NETIPR101-01 Basic Networking and IP Routing View View classes
TRN-WW-PRO-01A Provision Network Management: Installation, Configuration & Operation View View classes
TRN-WW-WTM4000-01 WTM 4000 Installation, Operation and Maintenance View View classes
Course number Course name Description Scheduled classes
TRN-WW-BMT-01 Fundamentals of IP Microwave Radio Communication View None
TRN-WW-Pathloss- 01 Pathloss 5.0 View None

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