Improve performance and keep your costs under control by ensuring your microwave networks are always up-to-date

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Aviat Microwave Upgrade Agreement
Subscribe to the Aviat MUA and save up to 25% in costs over the 10 year period.
Aviat’s Microwave Upgrade Agreement (MUA) is a long term (10 year) network plan that provides seamless and regular full turnkey technology upgrades, with the highest reliability, full service and support, and an easy OPEX-like financing model. Aviat’s MUA gives you full operational confidence and eliminates the uncertainty of whether your network will continue supporting your needs into the future.

The Challenge:

In many cases, public safety agencies incur one-time purchases for microwave technology and then, often for budget reasons, leave the network to sit, untouched for many years. Leaving the microwave network unsupported and vulnerable to technology obsolescence creates some serious problems.


The Solution:

The always up-to-date, fully supported microwave networks.

OUTDATED TECHNOLOGY: With 15-year upgrade windows, technology in the network can quickly become outdated, leaving networks without the capacity, features and functionality required to meet the changing needs of all stakeholders and customers of your network. The fast-changing technology world requires more regular improvements.   STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY: Making sure your network has latest capacity, security, reliability and interoperability features ensures the microwave network performs at its very best. Your microwave network can now keep up with the growing demands and is better able to meet the needs of all your stakeholders going forward.
Make sure your microwave networks are up to date
POOR PERFORMANCE: Out of date microwave that is not under 24×7 support contracts is more likely to cause issues. Preventative maintenance has been proven to reduce errors over time. In addition, ensuring microwave is updated with the latest software can ensure interoperability with other equipment in the network thus reducing failure possibilities. The microwave network can suffer from poor performance. New microwave software upgrades are constantly being made available by the vendors to enhance security, capacity, reliability and other capabilities. As traffic grows and security requirement change, the microwave network should be updated with the latest software and features.   HIGH PERFORMANCE: Ensuring your microwave network always has latest hardware, software and features ensures lowest probability of failures in the network. Decreasing interoperability and security vulnerabilities, AviatCare Lifecycle Support optimizes uptime and network stability. Additionally, full 24×7 support with preventative site maintenance plays a huge role in ensuring your microwave network runs smoothly.
Make sure your microwave networks are up to date
COMPLEX FINANCING: No plan for consistent financing means no funding to ensure these upgrades occur thus keeping the network in tip-top shape. Financing for long-term care can often be challenging. Funding for evolution of LMR networks in the public safety sector is typically periodic. In most states, new financing occurs quite infrequently. Network operators might get fully budgeted across their network only every eight to ten years, or even longer.   EASY FINANCING: With this solution, network operators get financial and operational stability to focus on their critical mission of safety throughout the state or region. That means budgeting for long range support over the entire time span between financing initiatives. It means providing all required monitoring, maintenance, and sustainment of the network. And it means full protection against technology obsolescence. New funding is seldom available when upgrades are required or desirable. Aviat’s MUA offers stability without surprise add-on expenses.
Easy financing for your microwave networks

Aviat MUA: What’s Covered?

Aviat MUA is designed to provide complete coverage of the microwave system, including:

  • New hardware and software upgrades
  • New RF and networking technology (capacity expansion, IP/MPLS, SDN, high power radios, etc)
  • Managed services including NOC and annual preventive maintenance
  • Turnkey upgrades including design, engineering, installation, testing and training

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Aviat’s role

Aviat is a leader in microwave technology and solutions. Our MUA enables microwave network operators to keep the microwave segment—and thus the entire network—running optimally. Since Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Network Operations Centers can see but can’t manage the microwave segments, we do the monitoring and services of that portion.
We offer comprehensive support capabilities, including technical assistance, hardware, software and functional component upgrades, and onsite maintenance and repair. We ensure your network does not get outdated.

Why should you get the Aviat MUA?

With this service, operators of microwave networks can ward off technical obsolescence, enjoy consistent, budgeted costs for each year of the network’s operational life.

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The Benefits of a Subscription-Based Upgrade Agreement

It’s not uncommon for public safety agencies to make one-time purchases of microwave technology and then leave the network untouched for years.

Outdated networks can lack the capacity and functionality needed to meet the changing needs of stakeholders and customers. They’re more likely to experience issues as customer services evolve. Recurring updates also ensure continued interoperability with other evolving equipment in the network, further reducing failures.

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